Life is about the ability to influence…This certificate is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to either establish - or be part of - “creating an environment at work that works.” The process of being influential begins and ends with being seen as credible to anyone you interact with. Are you the person who, when you approach I say (verbally or non-verbally) “What the hell do you want?!” or are you the person who gets me to say “What can I do for you today?!”

Your goal should be the latter. Because THIS is where your ability to influence begins.

This certificate focuses on preparing you to become that person. To be the person whose emotional and social intelligence facilitates great working, and personal relationships and interactions.

Then and only then will you be influential!

So, What’s included?

  • Four online courses focused around leading up and down, influence, personal development and emotional intelligence. 
  • A comprehensive set of psychological and job-performance assessments (which is a free add-on to each online class). Each assessment is well researched, designed and validated according to the APA standards for educational and psychological Testing. 

Let's begin...

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