Coaching Intervention Strategies

...for Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors | taught by Duane K. Andrews

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Coaching Intervention Strategies for Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors

How Choosing the Incorrect Coaching Intervention Provokes Dissatisfaction in a Potentially Outstanding Employee Who We Then Label as “Difficult”

Have you ever had a performance coaching conversation with an employee who was either shocked or offended by your feedback? Have you ever reprimanded an employee who had a strong negative reaction to the reprimand? Has their performance gotten worse since you reprimanded them? Have you been surprised that a potentially good employee responded poorly to your coaching… your feedback…your reprimand? This course addresses the spiraling cycle of why potentially good employees become “difficult”, and how your chosen coaching intervention may have escalated the employee’s counterproductive workplace behavior.

Employee morale, productivity and goal attainment levels are generally highest when employees are self-motivated; they work collaboratively, respectfully and purposefully with their managers as well as with each other. This course also focuses on the role you (as manager) play in providing the environment which motivates or demotivates your employee. 

Your demotivated employee is more likely to exhibit inappropriate and disruptive behaviors; these behaviors automatically lead us to define the employee as dissatisfied or “difficult.” Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors - when mishandled by individual managers and management as a whole - can result in significant harm to the organization. This class addresses some of the most common types of difficult and disruptive employee behaviors, identifies the potential risks to the organization if the behavior is not corrected, and offers strategies to constructively coach, counsel and correct your employee’s behavior with the intent to improve or reduce poor performance.

Topics covered:

  • The Dissatisfied Employee - Are They Really 'Difficult?'
  • How Dissatisfied Employees Do Harm
  • Coaching to Improve Poor Performance
  • Conducting a Performance Improvement Coaching Analysis
  • Understanding When and How to use The 3 C's – Coaching, Counseling and Corrective Action
  • Performance Coaching & Motivation
  • Setting Employees Up For Success
  • Strategies To Deal With The Demotivated Employee
  • Understanding The Employee's Needs vs. The Manager’s Perception of Those Needs

Accompanying Free Psychological Assessment!

The Leadership Potential Assessment (LEAP)

Upon completion of this course, please email me ( for access to your accompanying free online psychological assessment – The Leadership Potential Assessment LEAP. 

This assessment provides you insight and self-awareness on your level of development for both your transformational and transactional leadership strengths, opportunities, behaviors and tendencies; some of the factors include: Delegating, Giving Feedback, Goal-setting, Rewarding Performance, Motivating, Coaching and Problem-solving – all critical components for mastering   “Coaching Intervention Strategies for Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors.”

The scales and factors addressed in the assessment are all dealt with thoroughly in the class – primarily through lens of the 3 C’s of Coaching, Counseling and Corrective Action – and are of great synchronicity with the class because they all interconnect to the coaching intervention strategies necessary for the development of your staff. The prevention of counterproductive workplace behaviors are critical for the overall productivity improvement of each individual on your team, so gaining self-understanding of the likely role you play in the escalation or de-escalation of your direct-report’s poor performance is made clear by the illumination of the insights outlined by the results of the Leadership Potential Assessment.

Duane K. Andrews
Duane K. Andrews
Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Executive & Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer

What People Say About Duane (More Found on LinkedIn)

I’ve worked at the NYC DOT for more than twenty-three years and in that time I have attended many different types of training, working groups, and seminars. Duane Andrews might be the best all around trainer/instructor I’ve ever met. Mr. Andrews was well-prepared, knowledgeable, direct, honest, and demonstrated patience and commitment to his students. In my opinion, his best quality was his ability to create the comfortable feeling of a one-on-one training environment despite the twenty-five other students in the session. I would highly recommend Duane Andrews as a trainer. John P - Executive Director 

In pursuit of Baruch College's Project Management Certification, I had the privilege to take Duane Andrew's class on Negotiation, Decision Making, and Conflict Management. It is the BEST class I have ever taken in my academic and professional careers. Duane is an excellent instructor. He brings a very unique and passionate approach to teaching. He created a safe space for students to share negative encounters that they experienced during the conflict simulations. This safe space allowed me and others to openly and freely ask for constructive criticism of our work. Moreover, it also allowed students to engage in dialogue that fostered transparency that nurtured personal growth. I left the class with much more awareness of how I've contributed to conflicts, was challenged to be a better version of myself and emboldened to embrace conflict to seek positive win-win resolutions. Never in my career have I encountered such a learning experience. One cannot leave the class without being spurred to be better. I highly recommend this class and especially Duane Andrews to anyone who seeks to learn the skills to resolve conflicts and foster genuine discussions of change. Jennifer L - Major Accounts Project Manager

Duane Andrews is an excellent educator and I highly recommend anyone looking to take a management course, whether you are new to managing people or want to enhance your management skills to sign up for one or all of his courses. I have taken a number of his management courses and each one was nothing short of inspirational. Duane is a leader with well-honed, real-world business experience; he embodies greatness and imparts practical business knowledge, which can be immediately applied to management practices within any industry. Duane's courses are participative, if you are looking for a course where you are looking at a series of slides and taking notes, look elsewhere, because he'll make you work and you'll thank him for it. I would recommend Duane for in-house management consulting, coaching, leadership workshops. He is that good, a true leader personified. Jessica H, PMP, CSM, Executive Director-- Risk IT Rapid Solutions Project Manager/Business Analyst

Duane is the best teacher that I've ever had. I took three courses with him last semester Organization Development, Leadership and Conflict Resolution. All of these three courses were just great ! Duane is an expert in OD, a leader who knows how to develop others and a good negotiator who knows how to ask the right questions. I learned a lot from him. Maybe there are other good teachers who teach well, but Duane did way more than that. Personally, I regard him as a model in my life. Duane is competent and responsive. He cared for everyone in the team and he provided us an environment where we could motivate ourselves. He was enthusiastic, positive and always willing to help. Every time I think of him, I feel encouraged to cope with all the difficulties that I meet in work or in life. I was really lucky to have him as my teacher. The only pity was that I couldn't have spent more time with him. A big thank you, sir. Z Ye - Organisation Development - Management trainee

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